hseCommunity Podiatry Service

The Community Podiatry Service covers the whole of the North Cork area and consists of two full time Podiatrists.

The Community Podiatrists treat a range of foot conditions including thickened/distorted nails, skin problems such as corns and callus, biomechanical/gait problems and foot ulcer management. They also undertake regular screening and assessment of the diabetic foot and provide foot health education to community groups.

Access to the Podiatry Service is by referral from a Healthcare Professional such as a GP, Public Health Nurse or Physiotherapist. The focus is on those with the greatest foot health need so although the Service primarily treats over 65 year old clients, we do accept referrals for younger clients if they have a high risk condition such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Peripheral Vascular Disease.  Referrals are then prioritised and placed on a waiting list and high risk conditions are given priority.

Contact: 022-58730