Primary Care Psychology Services North Cork

Child, Adolescent, & Family Psychology Service

This service is staffed by two Clinical Psychologists and an Assistant Psychologist. It also routinely offers placements to Trainee Psychologists. The service provides assessment and therapeutic intervention for a wide range of mild to moderate social and emotional problems that occur from infancy up to the adolescent years. Psychologists may work with the child/adolescent alone, with their parent(s)/carer(s), or jointly with the child/adolescent and their parent(s)/carer(s). The service also offers consultation to other professionals who are working with children and families. The service is available free of charge to any child (0-18years) living in the North Cork area.

Adult Psychology Service

This service is staffed by a Clinical Psychologist and provides short-term support for adults with mild to moderate difficulties such as anxiety, panic, depression, trauma or stress. Support is offered via consultation, psycho-education materials, skills workshops and 1:1 talk therapy, depending on the referral reason. Initial consultations are available within 10 weeks of referral. Our service is available free of charge to all adults who live in the Mallow area or attend a GP in Mallow.

Both services accept self referrals, as well as referrals from other professionals. For referral forms and other enquiries please contact: 022 58740.