Are you in pain? Do you suffer aches and discomfort? Do you want to be pain free?

According to recent research, approximately 80% of pain related cases are musculoskeletal in nature. At THE PAIN CLINIC, we specialise in therapies that have consistently proven to bring relief to many painful conditions. These conditions range from acute/sports injuries to conditions that have persisted for years that may not have responded to other treatments.

Opening hours 10am to late. Phone: 022 51355

Some of the therapies used at THE PAIN CLINIC include:

– Physical Therapy (VHI, Quinn, Aviva)

– Neuromuscular Therapy (Quinn, Aviva)

– Acupuncture (VHI, Quinn, Aviva)

– Reflexology (VHI, Quinn)

– Cranial Therapy

Conditions frequently treated at THE PAIN CLINIC:

– Low Back Pain

– Knee Pain

– Sports Injuries

– Sciatica

– Sports Overload Pain

– Fatigue

– Whiplash

– Neck Pain

– Repetitive Strain Injuries

– Tennis/Golf Elbow

– Shoulder/Arm Pain

– Low Energy Levels

– Arthritis

– Stiffness

– Stress

– Tendonitis

– Headaches

– Pre/post surgery

For Appointment: 022-51355

Matt Casey: 0863868911

N.M.T, N.C.E.H.S, I.I.P.T

Patricia Casey: 0863225452

M.T.C.M.C.I, I.T.E.C, R.G.N,