The Medical Centre History

Dr. Harry O’Grady was born in Ballycushion, Ballyclough, Mallow, in 1913. He qualified as a Doctor from U.C.C. Medical School and went to work in England returning to Ireland in 1945 and took over the General Practice of the late Dr. Murphy, practicing from Broadview, Westend, Mallow.  The building at Broadview is now occupied by M/s Matthew Nagle, Solicitors.

Broadview was also the family home of the O’Grady family.  Patients entered the surgery premises through the front door, went up the family stairs to the first floor where the surgery was located and shared a bathroom and toilet with the O’Grady family.

Originally, Dr. O’Grady’s practice was entirely private but in 1966 Dr. O’Grady took over the Mallow Dispensary from Dr. John O’Connell.  This meant that all medical card holders in the Mallow Dispensary area had to attend Dr. O’Grady.  Patients at that time did not have a choice of doctor.  The Dispensary was situated in O’Brien Street, in the premises which is now occupied by the H.S.E.  There Dr. O’Grady saw all the medical card holders in the Mallow Dispensary Area.  At the Dispensary Dr. O’Grady was assisted by two Public Health Nurses and a Pharmacy run by the O’Leary family from Tuckey Street.

In 1970 Dr. Harry O’Grady was joined by his son Michael in Practice.  In 1972 the General Medical Service was started in O’Brien Street which provided the patients with a choice of Doctor and was the beginning of the present general medical service.

During 1972 the Practice premises at 8, Townview Estate was opened and the practice continued to work from two separate premises until May 2010. In 1975 the Medical Practice was joined by Dr. Pat O’Riordan and by Dr. Harry Casey in 1979.

During 1980/1981 the Practice became a Teaching Practice with the Cork Vocational Training Scheme for General Practitioners preparing doctors for a newly qualified career in General Practice.  The first Tutor from the Practice was Dr. Harry Casey and Dr. Michael O’Grady became Tutor to the UCC bases Vocational Training Scheme.

Dr. Harry O’Grady died during 1983 shortly after retiring from practice.  During 1985 the Practice moved from Broadview to 15, Beecher Street.  The Practice was now known as The Medical Centre, 15, Beecher Street.

In 1997 Dr. Tommy Carroll joined the Practice and is now also a Tutor with the Cork Vocational Training Scheme.  Dr. Helen Barrow joined the Practice in 2001 followed by Dr. Marilyn O’Keeffe in 2002 as the practice continued to expand.

During 2009 the Practice began tutoring final year Undergraduate Medical Students from U.C.C. in association with Professor Colin Bradley, who incidentally completed his own training year in general practice in the Medical Centre.

Planning for new Primary Health Care Centre began in 2005 and the building was completed in 2010.  The Medical Centre closed its offices in Beecher Street and Townview and opened at MPHC on the 4th of May 2010 where there is  ample room for our seven doctors, four nurses and six office staff to provide the best service possible to our patients.